Why you need to know this: The gym membership is essential to building a career and living a fulfilling life

A fitness trainer and a fitness business owner, they both want their kids to grow up to be successful.

So, they put together a workout plan.

They put together workout videos, they get them done on time.

And then, in a last-ditch effort to make sure they have their kid on track, they take them to the gym and ask them to do some pushups and pull-ups.

“It’s almost like a rite of passage for our kids to get to the point where they’re not doing any more physical activity,” says Gaby.

And they both feel like the gym membership has a big impact.

“The gym has been a way of life for us,” says Katie.

“We’re always in the gym.

It’s a huge part of our lives.

We’re constantly on the go, constantly working, and our kids are always coming to our house to play.”

As an adult, Gaby and Katie both plan to continue to go to the fitness gym, just not for the gym workout.

“I know we can go out to eat with our kids, but it’s a different type of thing,” says Kaitlyn.

“When we do go out, we’re going to do something that’s a little more structured.”

In the meantime, Gabe and Katie are happy to be able to stay home and watch their kids’ basketball games and soccer games.

But, as a parent, they want to be the ones to get up early and get their kids started on their fitness goals.

“Being able to go out there and see them play their sport, and to go and do something physical, it makes us happy,” says Karly.

“And the kids are excited to get out there, too.”

The truth is, there’s a lot more to fitness than just workouts.

In fact, many of us would agree that it’s not just about exercising, but also eating right, staying active, and exercising consistently.

“If you’re a good parent, you’re going in to your kids with the idea that you want to keep them healthy and to get them into a great workout,” says Lina.

“A good workout is something that really motivates them to get their workouts done.

And if they don’t feel good about it, that’s not the way they should be, right?

If they’re still getting sore, they’re getting sore because they’re exercising too much.

“There’s only a good workout.””

For us, there is no such thing as a bad workout,” Lina adds.

“There’s only a good workout.”

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