Fitness and powerhouse gym cost $3,300

Fitness and fitness gym costs have skyrocketed over the last decade, from $1,500 in 2002 to more than $5,000 today, according to a new report from Forbes.

The trend is due to several factors, including rising interest rates and a more competitive landscape, but also to the fact that it’s more affordable to do these types of activities today, the publication said.

This is a chart from the report, showing the average cost per hour of training for different types of workouts in 2018.

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(Source: Forbes) Fitness and training for the most part are cheaper than the average American wage, Forbes said.

While you might think you need to spend $3.50 to $4.00 an hour on training, that’s actually the average hourly wage of a typical worker.

If you’re looking to make a little extra money on your workout, there are many options to consider.

For instance, a $10,000 gym membership can cost up to $50,000, while a $2,000 annual membership can net you more than five times that amount.

The average gym membership costs $1.30 per hour, while the average annual membership costs just $2.80.

In other words, you could spend $5 an hour at the gym to train for just $1 per hour.

You can even add in the cost of a personal trainer, which is the person who actually works out with you to get you in shape.

Fitness and workout costs are also much less than they used to be, as people have been taking more time to get fit, according a report from the Health, Fitness and Nutrition Institute.

It’s also possible that a few years ago, people would go to a gym with a low cost membership and go home with a $50 gym membership, Forbes added.

While the cost is lower, the training environment has changed, as many people are now doing cardio and weight training instead of just doing weight training, Forbes explained.

There are also new fitness brands coming out, which are designed to make exercise easier.

Fitness trainers are also taking on bigger roles in the fitness industry, according the Forbes report.

The company said that the number of people doing weight lifting has doubled in the last year and that the average weightlifting coach has gone from just four to six people, and they’re working more hours per week.

It also reported that there’s been a rise in the number and cost of private fitness clubs, which offer fitness services for free.

These clubs have a large presence in the city, and you can find some of them near major shopping malls, like the mall in the video below.

The cost of being in a private gym is higher than it has ever been, Forbes reported.

The biggest difference is that the cost per month for a private session at a gym is more than twice the cost for an in-person session.

A private gym can cost you $4,000 per month.

Private fitness clubs also charge you a fee, but it’s usually a lot less than the cost you pay out of pocket, according Forbes.

When you add up the total cost of gym membership fees, you can get a rough estimate of what it’s going to cost you to go to the gym, the magazine added.

It doesn’t seem like the average person is going to have to spend as much on a gym membership as they used in the past, but if you’re serious about getting fit, it might be worth considering one of these facilities.

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