How to get the best fitness at the lowest price on The Verge

The best gym in the city is going to cost you a little more than the one you’re paying now.

The new gym at the intersection of I-880 and Rodeo Drive is a new addition to The Verge’s list of best fitness centers, offering more space and equipment for you to choose from.

Here’s how to get your gym in shape for less.

If you’re new to fitness centers on The Roadside Attractions site, here’s a quick guide to the best gym options in Austin.

Tru Fit Gym is located on the corner of Rodeos Drive and I-890, at the end of the block between Interstate 45 and I80.

You can find it in the area between the two exit ramps for I-80.

It has a small indoor gym, which you can walk in, or sit in a chair.

It offers three workouts per day, as well as a treadmill, elliptical machine, and elliptical barbell.

Equinox Gym has two fitness centers at the bottom of the road.

The first is in the parking lot of the former K-Mart, located at the corner at Rodea Drive and Rude Road.

This is the gym that offers a wide range of workouts and equipment, including the elliptical machines.

You’ll find cardio machines, a treadmill and ellipticals, as many as ten different types of barbells.

You also get the option to use the elliptics in the indoor gym as well.

At the other end of town is the newer, more expensive Gym in the Park.

The gym has a bigger indoor gym and three different types (with different weights and sizes) of machines.

Each workout comes with a kettlebell, which is the most basic weight-training equipment in the gym.

You’re also going to find a couple of stationary bikes, a walk-in barbell, and an elliptical.

The gym at Rude Park offers a similar selection of machines, with a variety of exercises and weights.

This gym also offers a treadmill.

Finally, you can also choose to take a shuttle from the front to the back of the building.

The shuttle will take you to a nearby parking lot.

This shuttle takes about 20 minutes.

The front of the gym is a little smaller than the back, but there’s more space, which means you’ll have more equipment to choose.

If you choose to walk around the front of Rude, you’ll find a barbell in the back area, a treadmills, a elliptical, and a treadmill in the front.

You can walk from the building to the building in about 45 minutes.

You won’t have to pay to park here.

All of the fitness centers offer a variety, ranging from the simplest indoor machines to the most advanced machines.

The workout equipment varies depending on the type of gym you choose.

There are machines that will allow you to work on your squat, deadlift, bench press, and pull-up, and machines that can help you improve your strength, speed, and coordination.

A few of the equipment at these fitness centers can also be used for a variety to do the exercises you like.

For example, the treadmill in this fitness center offers exercises that include a sit-up pushup, a seated pull-ups, and the seated push-ups.

There’s also a push-up barbell at the front that’s going to help you do pushups, pull-downs, and sit-ups with some help.

There is also a stationary bike on the front with a bar.

I hope you’ve found this list of the best gyms in Austin useful.

Here are some other great fitness options in the City of Austin.

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