3 things to do in Sydney this summer

Here’s what to do at the Sydney beaches this summer:The city is known for its sandy beaches and lush tropical forests, and the Sydney Botanic Gardens is one of the city’s most spectacular.

The gardens are the home of many of Sydney’s favourite species, including a rare and endangered giant black-capped parrot, and an endangered white-backed wombats.

But this summer, Sydney is taking the tropical beauty of the Botanic gardens to another level with a new attraction called the Tropical Jungle Gym.

The Jungle Gym is a series of three themed rooms, with the best of the best performing at one of two shows each night.

The first show will be held on the main beachfront and features three different themed rooms: the Jungle Gym, the Jungle Pool and the Jungle Beach.

The second show, set on the Sydney River, will be in the Riverwalk and features two different themedrooms, the Splash Pool and The Jungle Beach, all of which will be open for free admission to visitors.

“The Jungle gym is a fantastic, iconic piece of art, and will bring together all of the elements that make the garden so special,” Sydney City Council spokesperson John Gannon said.

The third show will take place in the city centre and will be free for anyone to visit.

The theme of the Jungle gym show is not limited to one show, and is a big part of the appeal.

“When the Jungle Club is open, the people will walk through the gardens to get to the Jungle pool and then they will go into the Jungle beach, so that’s a very unique experience for visitors to see,” Gannon added.

Sydney City Council will be hosting a series from November 19 to 23 to promote the Jungle gyms.

The gardens will open at 5:30pm on November 19 and close at 7:00pm on the 24th.

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