Gym class heroes: Gym class hero’s story gets the big award

A gymnast’s life story can inspire a generation of Olympians.

The story of Natalia Vassiliev is just one of many stories being told by women who are taking on the toughest challenges in sport.

Natalia, a 26-year-old Russian gymnast, says her life is about more than just winning medals.

She’s about being a role model, a role she says is much more than winning gold medals.

Natalya Vassilskaya, a 27-year old Russian gymnastics star, said she was inspired by Natalia’s life of sacrifice to become a gymnast.

Her family had to pay for her to attend the prestigious Krasnodar Academy in Russia.

It was during this time that Natalia became a gymnastic star, winning several national and world titles.

“She taught me everything that I know now.

I know everything.

I am still learning,” Natalia told CNN.

Natalias parents had been struggling to get by during the Soviet period.

Her father was a coal miner and her mother was a schoolteacher.

The family lived in a small house in the village of Krasnoarmeisk in the Rostov Region.

Natalidia, Natalia and their children attended private schools in Krasnosk and Leningrad.

Natalia went to the Krasnia University, then the elite Terek school.

Natalidia became a team coach and Natalia took a job with the National Institute of Sports.

Natasha Vassilaev, Natalias mother, told CNN that Natali’s mother, a former gymnast herself, had an illness that made it impossible for her daughter to attend sports school.

“Natalia always had dreams to become an athlete and when she started to train she became an Olympian,” Natali told CNN in an interview.

Natalea was named the Russian national team’s top gymnast for her performance at the Sochi Olympics.

She is now a national team coach at the Moscow Olympics, but says Natalia has more to offer the world.

“It’s hard to describe how special Natali is,” Natal said.

“She is one of the most talented young athletes.

Natali has the potential to become the next great gymnast in the world.”

Natalia has won a number of national titles in Russia, including the European Championship and a gold medal in the European Championships.

Natales success has also inspired other women to pursue their dreams of becoming professional athletes.

Natara Vasilyeva, a Russian athlete, has won the women’s team title five times.

Nataliana Vasiliev has also won a gold and silver medal at the Olympics.

Natal is one example of a Russian who is inspiring others to take on tough challenges.

Natals mother Natalia was forced to leave her native village after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Natalinas father Natali was also forced to flee his home village in the middle of the night, following a military coup.

Natal’s father, Natalis wife, and Nataliana’s children moved to a village in northern Russia, where Natali says she has found a supportive community.

Natamal and Natali are now training in the same training area as other athletes from the Sochi Games, and are hoping to meet Natali again during the Olympics in February.

Nat Aliev, a 23-year veteran of the Russian gymnastic team, has also taken on difficult challenges.

Natamal says she will never give up her dream of becoming an Olympians medalist, even though the risks are high.

“We will always be strong and strong in the face of adversity.

That’s why I want to continue to work hard, as I always do,” Natamalya said.

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