Gym floor tiles that were ‘lost’ during a ‘huge’ fire at the Equinox Gym

A gym floor that was covered in gym flooring tiles that had “lost its top” during a fire at an Australian gym has been recovered by a contractor and will be returned to the owner, who is working with the Department of Environment, Forestry and Water, the ABC reported on Tuesday.

The roof of the gym was completely burnt down and several gym members and their equipment were forced to use a helicopter to get to safety after the blaze ripped through the gym at around 3am (AEST) on Tuesday morning.

It is understood that the gym is being reconstructed but the damage was extensive and the tiles are being painstakingly re-assembled.

“It’s pretty shocking and tragic, and it’s the first time we’ve ever had that happen to our gym,” gym member Ben Collins told the ABC.

“You’d think it would be a pretty easy fire to get out of there, but unfortunately it was a huge one and the floor was absolutely gone.”

This is our last chance to get the tiles back, and we’re going to rebuild.””

It was a very dangerous time for our members.

They were just in awe.

“The gym’s owner, Andrew Stirling, was at the gym when it was destroyed, but he and his staff were not injured.”

The whole floor of the building was destroyed,” Mr Stirling told the Nine Network.”

All of the tiles had burned off and there was a big pile of rubble.””

There were a few people running around the gym, and a couple of people who were inside the gym had to get outside to try and help.

“The Department of Forestry and Environment has confirmed that the roof has been completely reconstructed, and is being fitted with temporary fencing.”

Our team has been on site at the site since Monday night to ensure the gym can be safely reconstructed and reopen as normal,” the department said in a statement.”

In the meantime, all equipment will be secured and the roof will be fully re-sealed and ready for use again.


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